Interview: DJ Khaled Discusses ‘I Changed’ Album, Losing Weight, Chris Brown Collabo (VIBE)

“I will be on that VIBE cover and that’s on everything,” DJ Khaled recently told VIBE. With his eighth album, I Changed…A Lot in the works and his new headphone deal with Bang and Olufsen, he feels like he is worthy by now. “I been in the game so long I don’t know what I gotta do. I’m gonna keep working hard till (VIBE) see’s the vision,” he told us from his studio.

For the past eight summers, the New Orleans native has been supplying hip-hop with bangers that gives the culture new mantras to live by (do we still chant “No New Friends”?) and has shown us that when he says, “We the Best,” is more than just a phrase, it’s a lifestyle. We recently caught up with the hip-hop maven to discuss his upcoming album, his weight loss journey and who he is looking to get in the studio. Continue reading here

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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