Interview: ‘Try Me’ Rapper/Singer Dej Loaf Might Not Be Who You Think She Is (VIBE)

‘Meet the creator of the trigger-happy hit “Try Me,” who captured our heart (and Drake’s) by threatening to put a bullet through it

When rapper (singer?) Dej Loaf walks in, you’re not sure what to expect. Yet the chorus of the 23-year-old newbie’s smoldering breakout hit “Try Me”—which boasts of catching bodies and killing entire families—doesn’t quite prepare you for the petite, barely five-foot chick with a hushed voice who walks through the door. But that’s what gives her a prized distinction. The Detroit native’s delivery is an oxymoronic blend. Her voice is gentle and warm, while the lyrics to her overnight hit are dangerous and resistant.

“Try Me” tip-toes between being threatening and murderous, but its catchy melody captures the ear of delinquents and delightfuls alike. Even Wiz Khalifa and E-40 have caught on, lacing the eerie instrumental with some bars for remixes to show their appreciation (another, with Ty $, is on the way), while Drake has shown some love via IG. Dej stopped by the VIBE office yesterday (Sept. 24) to chop it about growing up in the D, talk her musical beginnings and the real reason you shouldn’t “try” her. —Tanay Hudson

Read the full Q&A here.

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