Get To Know Velous, The Producer Behind Kanye West’s ‘All Day’ (AllHipHop)

When Kanye West selected the instrumental that would later be used for his new single “All Day” he had no idea that it was crafted by his biggest fan.  Kingston, NY-bred singer/songwriter/rapper/producer Velous caught a big break when Ye’ chose his beat as a backdrop for his spitfire flows for his new single from his upcoming album So Help Me God. Now, he is ready to introduce himself to the world as a visionary in the making. Velous is more than just the beatsmith behind “All Day.” The 23-year-old is an one-man band who is eager to infuse his music with nostalgic vibes that old-schoolers gush about and artists like Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson are praised for. He was signed to French Montana’s Coke Boyz imprint, by a way of Swanky Music Group, last year and is gearing up to release an album of his own. caught up with the young beatsmith to talk about his musical upbringing, what he is currently working on and what he thought about Lionel Richie bashing “All Day.” Read the rest on

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