SWV On Cardi B And Nicki Minaj: ‘Talk It Out And Get Over It’ (MADAMENOIRE)

It’s been a week since the Cardi B and Nicki Minaj shoe throwing incident during New York Fashion Week, and Bardi Gang and the Barbz have taken sides. When I caught with R&B royalty SWV during the Finding Ashley Stewart 2018 finale last night, they were a bit torn.

“I think it’s stupid,” Coko said about the beef between the two femcees. “There’s enough room out here for everybody. We are all black women and you have the opportunity of a lifetime. Forget all the he say, she say. Sit down. Talk it out and get over it.”

While Coko wants them to hash it out, Lelee understood why Cardi was upset.

“Where we are from you don’t do that,” Lelee said, referring to Nicki Minaj liking social media comments about Cardi’s parenting. “Sometimes you gotta close your mouth.”

“This is where artist development comes in,”Coko interjected.

“Cardi is too beautiful to be acting like that at Fashion Week,” Taj said. “You can’t lose your good shoes!” she joked.

While the R&B vets are hoping they can put things aside, Cardi and Nicki don’t seem to be near reconciliation. After the incident, Nicki said she was “mortified and humiliated” by the Bronx rapper’s behavior on her Queen Radio show.

“I wanna say I would never discuss anyone’s child or parenting,” the “Chun Li” rapper said. “I don’t care about anyone’s parenting. It’s so crazy to me how people want to make me the bad guy.”

Cardi took to Instagram after the chaos and said she couldn’t take much more of Minaj’s sneak dissing and trying to prevent other artists from working with her, so the liking of the comment about her parenting was the last straw and she snapped. Now, Cardi seems to be moving on from the incident. She lightheartedly joked about the infamous knot she left the party with when she posted a pic of an adorable little girl dressed in the mini-me version of the outfit she wore to the Harper Baazar party that night.

SWV On Cardi B And Nicki Minaj: ‘Talk It Out And Get Over It’


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