How Foria’s CBD Products Can Help Close The Orgasm Gap For Women (MADAMENOIRE)

Their sexual wellness line includes an arousal oil, intimacy suppositories and an intimacy sex oil that will help promote more pleasurable intercourse for women.  These products are much needed since “75 % of women never reach an orgasm with intercourse alone and 10 to 15 % never climax under any circumstances,” according to  Michele Harrington, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Foria.

During our conversation, Harrington explained that Foria was formed in order to close the pleasure gap. 

“When the company launched in 2014, there were over 26 pharmaceuticals to address male pleasure and dysfunction. There was nothing on the horizon or available for women,” she told MadameNoire. “It’s crazy to think that we were having less satisfaction and there was nothing available for us. We aim to close that pleasure gap.” 

CBD helps to facilitate more pleasure for women because it is a natural dilator. This means that it will promote more blood flow to the area where it is applied. Harrington noted that women have just as much erectile tissue as men do, it’s just internal. The Foria products help to stimulate the key areas of the woman’s vaginal area to increase pleasure.

Harrington understands that women can be hesitant to try CBD products or any products regarding sexual wellness. Her goal is to spread the word and destigmatize CBD, especially among Black and brown women. 

“I think a lot of women, especially Black women, are hesitant when someone has something in the sexual wellness space for their benefit,” she said. “But a lot of people are hesitant about putting products into their body. They think they are going to get high is it going to mess up my ph balance. The good thing about Foria products is that they are 100 % organic, they are plant-based, coconut-based so they won’t cause any vaginal problems. Coconut is a natural anti-fungal and I just think that the more education is out there, the more people will be receptive to trying things like this.”

Their Awaken Arousal Oil with CBD facilitates the blood flow to the vagina and it increases the sensitivity to [that area] so it will be more receptive to touch and allowing for a better sexual experience. The Intimacy Sex Oil with CBD, a lubricant, “can also help with more slippery fun and dilates within the vagina and makes the G-Spot more accessible.”

“[The Intimacy Sex Oil]  also makes that area more relaxed and open to that pleasure because our pelvic floor and reproductive organs are wired for pleasure,” Harrington added. “We just have to access it.”

Foria also offers Intimacy Suppositories with CBD, which can be inserted vaginally or rectally. According to the reviews on Foria, these can help ease painful sex. 

One woman who left a review said she suffers from vaginismus, a condition that causes muscle spasms on the pelvic floor that lead to painful sex, said that thanks to the suppositories her “muscles released much more quickly and easily after using these and that “sex is better…much less pain than before.”

Foria also offers wellness products that can help manage stress, like their Wellness Tonic, and a relief collection that helps with pain, like menstruation cramps.

Overall, Harrington explained that CBD can be a great addition to any self-care and wellness routine.

“If you’re not treating your wellness, then you’re treating your illness.”

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